Day Care & Walks for dogs we are unable to meet prior

We are sometimes asked to have dogs for doggy day care and walks that are from out of the area (visiting) and where we are therefore unable to meet them prior.


In these instances we charge a little extra (£20 per day/£10 per walk).


Day care is only suitable for dogs who are comfortable in the company of other dogs, and those who will settle happily into a home environment.  Whilst most dogs settle in straight away, we would usually arrange for an introduction of dogs joining us for day care outside of the home environment (out on a walk) before their first day care together – an opportunity for socialisation and play – to essentially make friends and make sure that they are as happy with us as we are with them.


Where we are able to accommodate one-off day care/walks for dogs we have not yet met we happily will.  As with all our K9 clients we will need a Registration Form completed, and for one-off day care/walks, payment in advance please.