8 – 12 weeks

These can be 1/2 an hour, or an hour, and include

  • Playtime (in your garden & house)

  • A 20 minute stroll out and about – due to their age, pup will be carried for 100% of this – a great opportunity to get used to the sights and sounds of the big wide world even before their 12 week vaccinations (pup won’t be in contact with any other dogs during this time) - (available during 1 hour Puppy Visits)

  • Refreshing water and feeding

  • I will also happily clear up any little accidents that have happened whilst you've been away and reinforce house training routines and doggy commands that you are teaching your pup


My Puppy Visits are £10 / half hour (in St. Mawes)


Once fully vaccinated, up to 6 months/fully grown


Experiences during the 1st year of a dog’s life can make all the difference to their future temperament, character and confidence.  Puppy ½ Day Care (typically 3 hours) helps pups become friendly adult dogs that enjoy the company of other K9s.


Your pup will join me for one of my scheduled Group Walks (for a combination of a short walk - approx 5 minutes / month of age, and a carry) and spend time with me and my own dogs – as well as doing things like having a play on our terrace, joining me visiting my friends for a cuppa and having a stroll through St Mawes (being carried) – all great chances for new and exciting experiences as your pup grows up.  Of course, there will be a chance for some shut eye to recharge those puppy batteries too!

Puppy Socialisation is typically around 3 hours and my charge is £20.  When your puppy is fully grown / 6 months old, he/she will be able to join me for full Doggy Day Care, which is currently £25 for the day (and around 7-8 hours).

Both Puppy Visits and Socialisation include collection and dropping home (in the St Mawes area) – I am fully insured for Pet Taxi Services too.

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