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Taking the lead...

Ensuring dogs' safety is of paramount importance to us, and we always take care to have our doggies on their leads between the woof wagon and our walks.

Using a full set of our own leads (the same leads, the same length) means great lead handling not only then, but also on those rare occasions where doggies go on their leads mid walk - where we may meet other doggies who's owners have them on leads (and would prefer us to pass likewise), there is livestock or perhaps we pass a horse and rider for example. 


We trialled a number of lead designs and now use a full set of both trigger and slip leads to ensure we have the most appropriate lead for the situation and to suit the individual dog, and the soft touch rope is strong, durable and importantly gives fantastic grip for all weather walks.

Our slip leads, originally designed for working and gun dogs for ease of control and safety, have leather stoppers preventing the collar becoming too loose and a unique metal buckle slider to prevent them becoming too tight,

Walks themselves are 100% off lead unless owners ask for their doggy to be kept on lead - express permission is required for off lead walks.

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