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5 top tips to help keep your K9 cool this summer

We may not live in the Med, but with this week’s full on sunshine now is a great time for a refresher on how to keep your K9 companion cool and comfortable on those days when temperatures rise.

Here are my 5 top tips:

1. Oodles of fresh clean water

This really has to be a top priority – keep your dog hydrated.Water bowls need to be kept well in the shade and refreshed (in the house and outside) throughout the day to ensure your K9 companion keeps happily hydrated.

Take fresh water with you when you’re out and about

Whether you’re travelling by car or heading out for a walk on foot, make sure that you take fresh water and a bowl with you (collapsible bowls are brilliant and easy to carry).

2. Don’t leave your dog in the car unattended

(I know this sounds obvious but I still frequently see dogs left in cars on hot days)

When the temperature outside reaches 75 degrees, inside a car (even with the windows down) it can be 115 degrees within an hour leading to severe overheating and potentially fatal consequences.

All sorts of things can delay you getting back to the car – we firmly believe it isn’t worth the risk.Remember, as the sun moves, the shady spot you’ve parked in may be in full sun by the time you come back.

If you need to do the supermarket shop or have a list of errands that just have to be done, why not leave your hound in Doggy Day Care or send them with us for a cool woodland walk?

3. Walk at cooler times of day & in a cool environment

(woodland with a river is just perfect!)

Many dogs will run and run regardless of the temperature, just because they LOVE their ball for instance.They often don’t know their limits so it’s important that you step in.When the forecast is for a real sizzler of a day, arrange your walks accordingly, avoiding the intense heat around midday.Slow the energetic games down and allow plenty of time for your dog to catch their breath.

Wooded areas are fantastic for walks on hot days – leaf cover means that a lot of the time your K9 companion will be in the cool shade for their capers.

4. Walk where there’s the opportunity to cool off

As well as using panting to cool down, dogs cool down through their paws. Standing in a cool stream or river, a puddle, or even a paddling pool will help to lower their body temperature and make them more comfortable.

5. Provide shade in the garden

Many of the dogs we meet spend a lot of their days happily lounging in their garden.Make sure there’s somewhere your K9 companion can rest out of the sun – whether under a tree or in a shaded kennel.

Emma x

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